Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector

Report on the Timescapes Archive

The broad aim of the Changing Landscapes project, as set out in the proposal to ESRC, was “to bring together a body of qualitative longitudinal and life course research on the third sector in order to exchange knowledge and data of relevance to the future development of the sector”. Underpinning this aim is the Timescapes Archive – a specialist archive of Qualitative Longitudinal (QL) data for sharing and re-use. The long term strategy for the archive is to build collections of thematically related QL datasets, including non ESRC funded datasets, in order to facilitate data discovery and secondary analysis across a range of substantive topics. This is in a context where QL methodology is fast advancing and a growing number of projects are being funded. The archive originally contained a collection of 9 datasets (Changing Relationships and Identities through the Life Course – short hand title, Changing Relationships and Identities). Under the new funding, the aim was to develop a new collection of datasets (Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector). The specific objective was to “prepare data from two complimentary datasets (NCVO and Birmingham) and ingest the data into the Timescapes Archive (ESRC proposal).

This report describes the work undertaken in order to achieve the objective of adding two datasets to the Timescapes Archive, but also details the important development work undertaken to establish the Timescapes Archive on a new technical platform which will support the long term strategy for the Archive and ensure that the Archive is aligned with the University of Leeds institutional data management provision. The development work carried out over the past year is detailed below, but has included the following key activities:

  • Migrating the existing collection of 9 datasets (Changing Relationships and Identities) to the EPrints platform.
  • Setting up a new search and browse function for the collection, to aid data discovery and facilitate re-use.
  • Modifying EPrints to create an access control layer suited to QL data.
  • Creating a new collection (Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector) comprising two datasets, for ingestion into the new platform.
  • Provision of support and guidance to the depositors (NCVO and Birmingham) on data management and preparation of the datasets for archiving.
  • Creating a new Guide to the Timescapes Archive for both depositors and users.
  • Ongoing collaboration with the UKDA to ensure compatible, complementary systems are in place.

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